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Episode 145: How to cultivate a healthy body image with Prof. Phillippa Diedrichs


This episode kicks off an occasional Courage & Spice series on body image, with my brilliant guest and dear friend Professor Phillippa Diedrichs!

Phil is a research psychologist at the Centre for Appearance Research in Bristol, as well as the founder of Everybody Consulting, an academic led consultancy working with global brands to drive social change and improve wellbeing.

 Tune in for Phil’s expert perspective on what forms our (often complex) relationship with our own bodies, and the ways we can react to and challenge the effects of the media, capitalism, and societal pressures on our self-perception.

You can find out more about Phil at:

On IG @phillippa.diedrichs


Gender Magic by Rae McDaniel


“We are judged in terms of how attractive we are, how likable we are, how funny, how smart, how healthy. These are the judgments people make all the time about other people based on how they look, so our appearance to others becomes really important.”

“One of the things that we love as human beings in nature is the diversity. There’s so many wonderful combinations of shapes and colours and textures. Imagine if there was only one kind of flower, one colour, one shape. Why do we then try and limit ourselves to that?”

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