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Episode 84: It’s Safe to Rest

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What happens when a self-confessed over-functioner decides to take the summer off? Well in my case, a shit tonne of discomfort! 

In this episode, I wanted to share what happened after I realised I was edging close to burnout and needed more than just a week off. I talk about what it’s been like to create two whole months of much-reduced working hours. How it has felt to stop doing things, to let people down and to delay some projects. 

If you have a crunchy relationship with rest, this episode is for you.

  • I talk about the process of creating a summer off with intention.
  • Why comparisons and ‘competitive rest’ is maddening and pointless.
  • The external conditions that create our capacity for rest.
  • The internal protective beliefs and behaviours that impact our willingness to rest.
  • How to explore where you fit on the under-functioning and over-functioning scale.

I hope you see this as a massive permission slip to let yourself off the hook of the productivity merry-go-round. After this episode, Courage and Spice will be taking the summer off and we’ll be back in September with all-new episodes!

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