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Episode 110: Self-doubt is an unreliable narrator and one question to turn it around


In this week’s solo episode, we explore how Self-doubt shows up as an ‘unreliable narrator’.

This means it will offer us a lot of stories and ideas that are not based on evidence and fact. When we don’t question these stories, we end up making decisions from a place of trying to avoid discomfort.

Long time podcast listeners will know that I characterise Self-doubt as our inbuilt protection mechanism, its entire purpose is to prevent us from getting hurt. This means Self-doubt is like a smoke detector looking for any risk of things like judgement or criticism or failure (for example).

If you recognise yourself telling these stories, I’d love you to reach out on Instagram – let’s go!

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • I break down the three key ways Self-Doubt gives us unreliable information and I show you how you can spot each one.  
  • I share a simple 3-step process that will help you get to the more reliable information that is underneath your Self-doubt. 

Why you should listen

If you are as fascinated as me by the sophisticated nature of Self-doubt, you’ll enjoy this exploration of heuristics – these are helpful, mental shortcuts that are designed to help us to interpret information and make decisions quickly.

Some heuristics can be really helpful and help us to access our sense of self, our values and our healthy beliefs.

But when Self-doubt is running the show, our heuristics can become disproportionate and unhelpful – we end up interpreting information and making decisions based on avoiding the discomfort.

If you’ve been feeling Self-doubt creep into any decisions you have been making lately, this episode is a must. I give you clear doable steps to try a different way, turn this around and build some robust Self-trust.


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“The worst part of ‘globalising’ I think, is that it’s a waste of your imagination.” – Sas Petherick

“I won’t make decisions after a drink, after 10pm, or after a big emotional experience.” – Sas Petherick

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