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Episode 122: How to be a brilliant Course Creator


There is NOTHING quite like the buzz of teaching a course you’ve created and the magic that happens as the group goes on a learning adventure together. Plus: the creative, financial and emotional rewards for you – so fun!

However, the sobering reality is that the completion rates for adult online learning experiences are really shocking – less than 15% of us finish any kind of online experience.

In this episode, I take you through the five key reasons why online learning experiences don’t deliver. I also give you ten reflections that you can take away to consider for how to create a really brilliant course that your people say an immediate yes to, love and complete.

This episode will support you to bring your online course dreams to life. The world needs your expertise, your brilliance and your thoughtful, intentional programs. I promise you, this is going to help you create a brilliant course.

Why you should listen?

This is especially for those of you who create online learning experiences for your people. You might be a coach, teacher or program instructor and you’re looking to create an online course that people love, complete and that gets rave reviews. A course that people say an immediate yes to. Or perhaps you’re already running a course and you want to put an injection of OOMPF! into it.

And of course – if self-doubt is holding you back from creating the programme you’ve always wanted to bring to life – this episode is for you.


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How to be a brilliant course creator (PDF)

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