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Episode 123: Community is Crucial with Mel Wiggings


This week’s episode is essential for all business owners. It can often feel very lonely when running your own business and it’s difficult to find other people who can truly relate to your journey.

My guest today is Mel Wiggins. After a decade of working in nonprofit management and activism roles, Mel decided to pivot her career to work with women who want to be more courageous in their lives and work. She built a strong and thriving community serving hundreds of women from her home in Northern Ireland and is absolutely passionate about helping women succeed. Mel runs leadership programs, strategy days and retreats for women business owners.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re searching for a community or are feeling like something is missing in your support network. We discuss the limited spaces for women business owners that welcome our vulnerability, the challenges involved with commodifying everything about ourselves, and how integral a strong community of like-minded people is to hold you up during the hard times, cheer you on during the good times and motivate you to never give up.


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Resources mentioned

Soul of Money Website
The Sophia Century – Lynne Twist:

You can quote me on that…

“The trick of patriarchy is dangling success for women.” – Mel Wiggings

“When you cultivate trust in those spaces, people will show up for you.” – Mel Wiggings

“A really healthy community is where everyone gets to show up as they are and the boundaries are clear.” – Sas Petherick

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