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Episode 27: The Archetypes of Self-doubt

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Self-doubt can often feel like an amorphous cloud of doom, holding all our worst fears, worries and insecurities, just waiting to rain down on us. But what if Self-doubt had a pattern? What if there were themes and characteristics that make self-doubt understandable, quantifiable, perhaps even predictable?

I’ve spent most of this year play with these questions and in this first episode of season three, I share everything I know about the Archetypes of Self-doubt. I talk about my research process, how the archetypes took shape and what they are teaching me.

I also share how I am working with my inner ‘compass’ to subvert and interpret these patterns of how we experience and respond to self-doubt. This episode has been a year in the making – I can’t wait for you to listen in!

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