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Episode 40: The self-belief of a feminist artist with Maliha Abidi

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Maliha Abidi is the artist and author of ‘Pakistan For Women: Stories of women who achieved something extraordinary’.

Pakistan For Women shares more than 50 real stories of amazing women who belong to Pakistan and have achieved something extraordinary while making a difference.

Maliha celebrates women from mountaineers to astrophysicists to educators, and advocates for the idea that if these Pakistani women can achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication, so can every girl reading their stories.

Maliha’s story is one of courage and self-belief too. Of growing up in the beauty of Karachi, moving to California as a teenager and then to Britain as a new wife. She offers encouragement to artists everywhere to delight in your creativity. 

This conversation was recorded a few days after the massacre at the Mosque’s in New Zealand: a poignant aspect of a conversation between two women: one a kiwi and one a Muslim.

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