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The shadow side of coaching with Bridgette Boudreau


This week I’m speaking with the brilliant Bridgette Boudreau! Bridgette is a master certified life coach; she has been a CEO to multimillion-dollar corporations, built her own business twice, and developed programmes that have trained thousands of coaches… myself included!

Bridgette’s mission these days is to infuse your working life with vision, meaning, growth and healing.

But today, we’re digging even further into a ‘stealth mission’ that we both share, to educate clients, coaches, and any consumer of coaching, to be aware of the shadow side of the coaching industry.

Tune in for insight on the toxic side of manifesting culture, what accountability looks like within coaching practice, and the ways that a good coach will amplify YOUR light.

You can find out more about Bridgette at:



“Your limitations shape your purpose just as much as your gifts, strengths, and your light. So it doesn’t mean you don’t get to be what your heart wants – it means you can stop trying to prove yourself.”

“It’s not your fault if you paid a bunch of money to a super coach and they didn’t give you the basic consideration that you should get as a customer… It is never okay for somebody to be mean to you, to be cruel to you, to lie to you, to make an example out of you, or to gaslight you.”

“We project our light onto these people. We think they know The Things and they have The Right Way and all that stuff. And that’s you. You can trust yourself.”

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