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Episode 131: Recalibrating to Life in Third Gear

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A huge 2023 welcome back to Courage and Spice! I took some time to reset over the Christmas holiday, a much-needed step back that made me realise just want it means to commit to rest and rejuvenation instead of just stopping work.

As I make plans for the new year, I’m realising that there’s no reason for the spaciousness that I felt to disappear.

So this episode is focussed on how we can each stay in a gear that honours our energy and creativity.

I’m also making some changes to how our episodes are going to be released, which means that every solo episode will come with a free resource to help you put everything we talked about into action!


“There’s so much emphasis on growing and getting bigger and more audiences, and my fire has just gone out for that kind of stuff. I’m already connected to the most amazing folks”

“When you just let your mind wander with no fixed destination or idea for what should happen, it’s going to give you a breadcrumb trail that’s worth following.”

 “A goal is just a temporary state: we are learning some stuff about ourselves, trying to achieve something or part of something. And at the end of that, we can go: what really worked? What do I want to do more of? What’s the next 30-day goal?”

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