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Episode 136: Ambition and Space Holders with Sammie Fleming


This episode is another little bit of magic that I brought back from Aotearoa, New Zealand, where I had the absolute pleasure of sharing a day with fellow Kiwi and coach Sammie Fleming.

Sammie’s coaching practice is all about supporting creatives, coaches, space holders, and healers to claim their full feminine power, wholeness, and deep confidence with ease and flow.

Tune in as Sammie and I give you a peek into our time together, including insights on the crossroads between ambition and intuition, accessing your true desires, and holding space in both your client work and everyday life.

You can find Sammie at

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“It’s a skillset to be able to be deep in the unknown and hold it without forcing any direction. To navigate your client and really, truly hold them.”

“I’m quite disinterested in holding my clients accountable and nowadays. I’m so much more interested in cultivating a fire so strong that they are going to do the thing anyway.”

“There’s no such thing as the ‘good client’. You don’t have to perform for me. You don’t have to achieve for me. I’m just going to sit and bask in all of you.”

“Abundance comes in many, many, many forms. Including the ability to pot around and drink your coffee slowly. Or be on stage in front of 10,000 people. Or spend an entire month reading all the books you wanted to read all year. Not one of these is more important or valuable than the other.”

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