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Episode 142: 2023 – This is not what I ordered


Believe it or not, we’re about half-way through the mystery magical adventure that has been 2023! Before we go on a podcast hiatus for the summer, I wanted to share the unexpected and twisty journey that this year has been with you.

In January, if you asked me to imagine where my mind, heart, and even my body would be in July, I would never have come up with where I am now. A lot of this started with a trip back to my home and family in New Zealand, which evolved my relationship with the past and opened a new sense of possibility for the future. Tune in for more on where this has led!

And if you’re interested in feeling more at home in your body, The Embodyment Workshop, is coming to you live in November:


 “I’m feeling a mix of grief and loss of leaving here and the people that I deeply care about, and also real excitement and trepidation about taking my business into a whole new place.”

“There’s something about seeing through the haze and the fog of all those worries, doubts, and fears, to actually the truth of right now, in your heart.”

“I’ve been thinking about all the places that I could belong that I maybe haven’t allowed myself to, or that I’ve tried to protect myself from because of some anticipated risk that people won’t like me if I go there.”

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