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Episode 144: The real reason you are waiting to feel ready (plus: Big News!)


One of the biggest ways that self-doubt holds us back is by telling us that we aren’t ready.

This shows up differently depending on your specific situation. Maybe you’re an artist waiting to feel ready to share your work with an audience, or a writer waiting to contact agents. A coach waiting to perfect your offer before putting it out into the world… even a parent waiting until the kids are older to pursue your dreams.

No matter what your situation, I’ve found that we’re never really waiting to feel ready; we’re waiting to feel safe. Listen in for tips on how to stop the waiting game from holding you back…

…plus BIG news from the world of Self-belief School!

I’d love to invite you to my free workshop, Why am I so mean to me?, which will show you how tospeak to yourself with compassion, encouragement and respect. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 4th October 2023 at 8 pm UK time. All you have to do is register here:

Self-belief School is also getting a very exciting update, and will soon be available for you to join at any time! No more waiting for enrolment to open… and certainly no more waiting to be ‘ready’ 😁

These changes will be launching next month in October, so be sure to join the waitlist to be the first to hear when you can sign up:

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