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Episode 104: Scott Robson; the inside scoop on SBCA


Scott Robson is my brother from another mother and my wingman, he is the head support coach of my Self Belief Coaching Academy – an entrepreneurial and marketing coach, creative and connector who supports leaders in the very human experience that is running a business. I don’t quite know what life was like without Scott and I hope I never need to find out! Scott was the first-ever person to enrol in SBCA and in this episode we take a look behind the scenes and really go into detail about what you can expect when you join the Self-Belief Coaching Academy.

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • Scott talks about why he is such an amazing advocate for the Self-belief Coaching Academy and what made him pay in full and believe in my work when I had just started out. 
  • We talk about how self-doubt shows up for us, particularly when we are about to show up, share our work with the world and promote our business.  
  • We discuss the difficulties we and other coaches have experienced while dealing 1:1 with clients and managing their own self-doubt. 
  • Scott talks about the SBCA study group that he set up within the programme, what goes on and why it matters to our coaches. 
  • The coach’s experience of self-doubt: I ask Scott about what he is seeing with the folks in the academy, himself and the people he works with specifically.
  • We talk about the importance of supervision as coaches and how we address this with our graduates. 
  • We share some feedback from one of our coaches currently in the academy. 
  • How playing with the vulnerable space of self-doubt is not just a woman’s game, there is space for everyone in SBCA.

Why you should listen

The aim of the Self-Belief Coaching Academy is to build a world where your whole human self is allowed to thrive while running your coaching practice – even when it isn’t as polished as we would sometimes like it to be. To be a coach in the Self-Belief Coaching Academy is to really start to understand yourself in a much deeper and more profound way, in a way that you haven’t found before. Through course content informed by my graduate research into self-doubt and more than a decade of coaching with real-life humans, you’ll learn the theoretical and practical sides of powerful original strategies for bolstering self-belief. So if you are a coach that is new to this work or have been hovering for some time and wondering if this is the right programme for you, you need to listen to this episode!


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You can quote me on that…

“Just because you experience self-doubt, it doesn’t mean anything’s gone wrong. Self-doubt is always going to be there.” – Sas Petherick

“You bring everything that has ever happened to you into your business.” – Scott Robson

“Self-doubt is the great shapeshifter. It’s always going to be there to fill the void when you don’t think you are enough.” – Scott Robson

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