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Episode 105: Coaching as Ancient Feminine Wisdom with Lianne Raymond


It’s my delight to welcome this week’s podcast guest, my wise, brilliant friend Lianne Raymond. Lianne is a coach, mentor and educator, who re-imagines coaching as a feminine wisdom tradition. She mentors coaches and women leaders, so she is truly the perfect guest for this week: we are talking about coaching as a catalyst for accent feminine wisdom.

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • Lianne talks in-depth about the history of feminine wisdom and speaks about how it has been dismissed and often demonised.
  • We talk about how coaching has brought back the image of the wise woman of the village and how it’s part of a women’s culture to have deep and passionate conversations. 
  • I ask Lianne what happens to that sacredness in the space of capitalist, patriarchal culture and how we navigate our way through that. 
  • The importance of the quality of the relationship between the coach and their client: I ask Lianne what has helped her get present and hold that relationship, even when the client feels anxious.  
  • I go into some back story of my past jobs and my childhood, how I saw the full spectrum of human behaviour and how it informs my coaching. 
  • Lianne also talks about her former teaching career and how it developed into the coaching practice she has today. 
  • We talk about the maturing of our industry and how the folks joining Self-Belief Coaching Academy are going beyond behavioural and mindset coaching. 

Why you should listen

Whether you are a seasoned coach or someone who is curious if this career is the right path for you and you would like to channel your own innate feminine wisdom, listen to two friends, coaches and fellow tuning forks who have been there and done that!

This work is an invitation to feel grounded in nature and the divine before you get on a call with a client. It’s when you find a mentor who gets where you are right now and creates a safe space to reveal ourselves without fear- that’s where growth happens.

Also, if you’ve been a fan of the podcast for a while, you might also enjoy a backstory of my life around the patients of Cherry Farm and Steve the probation officer, from my first job in New Zealand. You’ve got to love a good origin story, haven’t you?!


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You can quote me on that…

“To me, the feminine represents the whole.” – Lianne Raymond.

“Science is necessary but not sufficient.” – Lianne Raymond.

“It’s not what happens in the coaching relationship it’s THE coaching relationship that matters.” – Sas Petherick

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